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(Topics: Ufology, Revelations, Advanced Research, New Age, Spirituality)

Adamski, George: Flying Saucers have landed   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong
Adamski, George: Inside the Spaceships   Quelle:
Adamski, George: Flying Saucers Farewell   Source:   NEW!
Allan, Gary: Non Dare Call It Conspiracy   Quelle:
Angelucci, Orfeo: The Secret of the Saucers   Quelle:
Angelucci, Orfeo: Son of the Sun   Source:
Antares, Ishtar: Articles   Source:   NEW!
Anonymous: Book of Aquarius   Source:   NEW!
Aurobindo, Sri: On Himself   Source:   NEW!
Blavatsky, Helena P.: Key To Theosophy   Source:  
Branton: The Omega-File   Quelle:
Branton: Who are the Draconians?   Source:   NEW!
Brian, William L.: Moongate   Source:   NEW!
Brown, Courtney: Cosmic Explorers   Source:   NEW!
Brown, Courtney: Cosmic Voyage   Source:   NEW!
Bohm, David: Wholeness And The Implicate Order   Source:  
Bordon, A. R.: The Link   Quelle:
Boylan, Richard, Dr.: The Secret Space Fleet   Quelle:
Bush, Stuart: Interview with Elizabeth Klarer   Quelle:
Capra, Fritjof: The Tao Of Physics   Source:  
Carey, Ken: The Starseed Transmission   Source:   NEW!
Cassidy, Kerry: Black Projects : Follow The Money   Quelle:
Cassidy, Kerry: Revelations from a official of a European member state   Quelle:
Cater, Joseph: The Awesome Life Force   Source:   NEW!
Charroux, Robert: The Mysterious Unknown   Source:   NEW!
Childress, David H.: The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla   Quelle:
Childress, David H.: Antigravity and the World Grid   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong
Childress, David H.: Technology of the Gods   Source:   NEW!
Churchward, James: The lost continent of Mu   Source:   NEW!
Churchward, James: The children of Mu   Source:   NEW!
Churchward, James: The sacred symbols of Mu   Source:   NEW!
Clarke, Arthur C.: 2001   Quelle:
Clarke, Arthur C.: 2010   Quelle:
Clarke, Arthur C.: 3001   Quelle:
Clarke, Jerome: Extraordinary Encounters   Quelle:
Coe, Albert: The Shocking Truth   Source:   NEW!
Collier Alex: Defending Sacred Ground   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong · Free online-book
Collier, Alex: History of the Galaxy   Quelle:
Collier, Alex: The Global ET-Connections   Quelle:
Cooper, Milton William: Behold A Pale Horse   Quelle:
Cooper, Milton William: The Secret Government   Quelle:
Corso, Philip & Birnes, David: The Day after Roswell   Quelle:
Corso, Philip: Dawn Of A New Age   Quelle:
Cook, Nick: The Hunt for Zero Point   Quelle:
Crandall, Lee: The Venusians   Source:
Cramp, Leonard: UFOs and Anti-Gravity   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong · Free online-book
Daniels, Joe: The Carp-Guardian UFO Case   Quelle:
Deane, A'shayana: Interview with Kerry Cassidy   Quelle:
Dibitonto, Giorgio: Angels in Starships   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong · Free online-book
Donelly, Ignatius: Atlantis - The Antideluvian World   Source:   NEW!
Elkins, Don & Rueckert, Carla: The Law Of One, Book 1   Source:   NEW!
Elkins, Don & Rueckert, Carla: The Law Of One, Book 2   Source:   NEW!
Elkins, Don & Rueckert, Carla: The Law Of One, Book 3   Source:   NEW!
Elkins, Don & Rueckert, Carla: The Law Of One, Book 4   Source:   NEW!
Elkins, Don & Rueckert, Carla: The Law Of One, Book 5   Source:   NEW!
Elkins, Don & Rueckert, Carla: The Ra Contact, Vol. 1   Source:   NEW!
Elkins, Don & Rueckert, Carla: The Ra Contact, Vol. 2   Source:   NEW!
Elkins, Don & Rueckert, Carla: Secrets of the Ufo   Source: L/L research   NEW!
Elkins, Don & Rueckert, Carla: Voices of the Confederation   Source:   NEW!
Ellegion, Michael & Light, Aurora: Prepare for the Landings!   Source:
Essene, Virginia: New Teachings For An Awakening Humanity   Source:  
Ferguson, Marilyn: The Aquarian Conspiracy   Source:   NEW!
Fouche, Edgar R.: Secret Aviation Programs   Quelle:
Fry, Dan: The White Sands Incident   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong · Free online-book
Fry, Dan: Steps to the stars   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong · Free online-book
Garver, William: Brother Of The Third Degree   Source:  
Green, George: Interview with Project Camelot   Quelle:
Greer, Steven: Understanding UFO-Secrecy   Quelle:
Greer, Steven: Secret and Covert Operations by the USA   Quelle:
Griffith, Joan T.: James M. Churchward   Quelle: goldenplanerforum
Grof, Stan: The Current Global Crisis   Quelle:
Grof, Stan: The Ultimate Journey   Source:   NEW!
Gould, Allan: Galactic History Summary   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong/Article
Haich, Elisabeth: Initiation   Source:  
Hansen, Lucille Taylor: The Katezahl Legend   Quelle:
Hancock, Graham & Bauval, Robert: The Message of the Sphinx   Quelle:
Jacobs, David M.: The Threat   Quelle:
Jasmuheen: The immortals way   Quelle:
Jasmuheen: Co-creating Paradise   Quelle:
Johnson, Frank: The Janos People   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong
Keel, John: Operation Trojan Horse   Source:   NEW!
Keith, Jim: Saucers of the Illuminati   Source:   NEW!
Kelder, Peter: Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth   Quelle:
Kelder, Peter: The Eye of Revelation   Quelle:
Keyhoe, Donald: The Flying Saucers Are Real   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong
Kinder, Gary: Lightyears   Source:   NEW!
King, Godfré Ray: Unveiled Mysteries   Quelle:
King, Godfré Ray: The Magic Presence   Source:
King, Godfré Ray: The I Am Discourses   Source:
Knight, J. Z.: Ramtha - Mystery of Love   Quelle:
Klarer, Elizabeth: Beyond The Light Barrier   Source:  
Komarek, Ed: A Comprehensive Briefing   Quelle:
Komarek, Ed: UFOs, Exopolitics and the World Disorder   Quelle:
Kraspedon, Dino: My Contact with Flying Saucers   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong
Kuhn, Thomas S.: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions   Source:   NEW!
Leadbeater, C. W.: The Astral Plane   Quelle:
Lear, John: Project Camelot Interviews   Quelle:
Lewin, Leonard C.: Report from Iron Mountain   Quelle:
Lewis, David Herbert: Mysteries of the Pyramid (Excerpts)   Quelle:
Loder, Theodor C.: The Implications of Postcontacts   Quelle:
Lorenz, Konrad: On Aggression   Source:   NEW!
Lovelock, James: Gaia - A New Look At Life On Earth   Source:  
Lyne, William R.: Pentagon Aliens   Source:   NEW!
Magocsi, Oscar: About My Space Friends   Quelle: Eigener Scan/My Scan
Magocsi, Oscar: Beyond My Space Odyssey In UFOs   Source: My Scan  
Marrs, Jim: Above Top Secret   Quelle:
Menger, Howard: From Outer Space To You   Source:  
Mitchell, Helen & Betty: We Met The Space People   Quelle:
Moser, Franz & Ingrid Maria: Science and Spirituality (Excerpts)   Quelle:
Mythi, from Andromeda: Returning to the Source   Quelle:
Norman, Ernest L.: The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation   Source:   NEW!
Norman, Ernest L.: The Voice of Venus   Source:   NEW!
Olliver, Frederick S. (Phylos the Tibetan): Dweller on two Planets   Quelle:
Onec, Omnec: Unknown history of our solar system   Quelle:
Ossendowski, Ferdinand: Beasts, Men and Gods   Quelle:
Pauwels, Luis & Bergier, Jaques: The Morning of the Magicians   Source:   NEW!
Paz Wells, Sixto: Interview
Peniel, Jon: The Children of the Law of One & The lost teachings of Atlantis   Quelle:
Puthoff, Hal E.: Synopsis of Unkonventionell Flying Objects   Quelle:
Rampa, Lobsang & Barker, Gray: My Visit to Venus   Source:   NEW!
Rampa, Lobsang: The Third Eye   Source:   NEW!
Rampa, Lobsang: The Cave of the Ancient   Source:   NEW!
Rampa, Lobsang: The Hermit   Source:   NEW!
Rasinova, Dana: Why Billy Meier's Pleiadians lie and disinform   Quelle:
Ribera, Antonio: UFO-Contact from Planet Ummo   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong
Rinpoche, Sogyal: The tibetan book on living and dying   Quelle:
Renaud, Bob: UFO-Contacts from Korendor   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong
Roberts, Jane: The Nature Of Personal Reality   Quelle:
Roberts, Jane: A Compilation of Exercises   Source:   NEW!
Roberts, Jane: Seth Speaks   Source:   NEW!
Roberts, Jane: The Nature of the Psyche   Source:   NEW!
Roberts, Jane: Dreams, Evolution, and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 1   Source:   NEW!
Roberts, Jane: Dreams, Evolution, and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 2   Source:   NEW!
Roberts, Jane: The Magical Approach   Source:   NEW!
Roberts, Jane: The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events   Source:   NEW!
Roberts, Jane, Helfrich, Paul: The Origins of the Universe and of the Species   Source:   NEW!
Roberts, Jane, Kaio: Seth Anthology 1   Source:   NEW!
Roberts, Jane: Seth Anthology 2   Source:   NEW!
Roman, Sanaya & Packer, Duane: Opening To Channel   Source:  
Royal, Lyssa & Priest, K.: The Prism of Lyra   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong
Royal, Lyssa: The Great Pyramid   Quelle:
Royal, Lyssa: Early Earth History   Quelle:
Royal, Lyssa: ETs and Ancient Civilizations   Quelle:
Rueckert, Carla Lisbeth: A Wanderer's Handbook   Source:  
Ryan, Bill & Cassidy, Kerry: The Big Picture (Project Camelot)   Quelle:
Sagan, Carl: Cosmos   Quelle:
Salla, Michael E.: Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races   Quelle:
Salla, Michael E.: Galactic Cointelpro   Quelle:
Salla, Michael E.: Extraterrestrials Among Us   Quelle:
Salla, Michael E.: Interview With Luis Fernando Mostojo Maertens   Source:   NEW!
Sauder, Richard: Underground Bases and Tunnels   Quelle:
Scantamburlo, Luca: An Alien Spaceship on the Moon   Quelle:
Schmidt, Reinhold O.: The Reinhold O.Schmidt Story   Quelle:
Schneider, Philip: Government Secrets Revealed   Quelle:
Scott-Elliot, Walter: The Story Of Atlantis & The Lost Lemuria   Source:  
Shea, Robert & Wilson, Robert Anton: Illuminatus! Trilogy   Quelle:
Sheldrake, Rupert, McKenna, Terrence, Abraham, Ralph: The Evolutionary Mind   Source:
Silva, Charles: Date with the Gods   Source:   NEW!
Snell, Richard (Editor): Fire from the Sky   Quelle: Free online-book
Spangler, David: The Flame of Incarnation   Source:   NEW!
Stearn, Jess: Edgar Cayce - The Sleeping Prophet   Source:  
Steiger, Brad: Astral Projection   Source:   NEW!
Steiger, Brad: ESP   Source:   NEW!
Stevens, Wendelle & Meier, Billy: UFO-Contact from the Pleiades   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong
Stone, Joshua David, Dr.: The Ashtar Command   Quelle:
Stone, Clifford E.: UFOs Are Real   Quelle:
Strejcek, Vladimir: Planet Logo   Source:   NEW!
Strieber, Whitley: Communion   Source:   NEW!
Swartz, Tim: The Lost Journals Of Nikola Tesla   Source:   NEW!
Swedenborg, Emanuel: Heaven and its Wonders   Quelle:
Tassel, George van: I Rode a Flying Saucer   Source:   NEW!
Telano, Rolf: A Space Woman Speaks   Source:   NEW!
Twitchell, Paul: Eckankar - The Key to Secret Worlds   Quelle:
Twitchell, Paul: All About Eck   Source:  
Twitchell, Paul: Spiritual Notebook   Source:  
United Nations: Space Law   Source:   NEW!
Vallee, Jacques: Dimensions - A Casebook of Alien Contacts   Quelle:
Valone, Thomas: Electrogravitics Systems   Source:   NEW!
Van Tassel, George: Metuselah's Toy - Excerpt from his book „Council of Seven Lights“   Quelle:
Vlierden, Karl van & Stevens, Wendelle: UFO-Contact from Planet Koldas   Quelle: Exopolitics Hongkong
Watkins, Leslie: Alternative 3   Quelle:
Webre, Alfred Lambremont: Interview with Cobra   Quelle:
Wells, H. G.: The War of the Worlds   Quelle:
Wells, Carlo Roberto Paz: The Sowers of Life   Source:   NEW!
Wilcock, David: Shift of The Ages   Quelle:
Williamson, George Hunt: Other Tongues - Other Flesh   Source:
Wilcock, David: Shift of The Ages   Quelle:
Wilson, Robert Anton: Cosmic Trigger   Quelle:
Winters, Randolph: The Pleiadean Mission   Quelle:
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn: The Michael Teachings   Source:   NEW!
Yogananda, Paramhansa: Autobiography of a Yogi   Quelle:
Zukav, Gary: The Dancing Wu Li Masters   Source: